We're really fortunate at the SPO to work with some fantastic local and national partners. If you are interested in supporting/working with the SPO please get in touch:


Did you know it costs us between £2,000 - £3,000 each time we put on a concert??? Although every effort is made to recoup the costs for a full season programme through member subscriptions and ticket sales, we also rely on Patrons and Sponsors to support us to continue making music in Sheffield. If you are interested in becoming a Patron/Sponsor please get in touch:

Special thanks to our Patrons: Tom Kelly, Dr Steve Brennan, Peter and Elizabeth Morris, Juliet Oakley, Peter Lund, Pam and Russ Hartley and Michael Maas.
You can become a Patron by sending an annual cheque (payable to Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra) to: FAO Neil Kelly - MD Law, 8-10, Broom Hall, Broomhall Rd, Sheffield S10 2DR